Prescription Floor Finish  5 Gallon
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PRESCRIPTION floor finish is our premium, specially designed floor coating for your high traffic facilities and government office complexes such as Hospitals, Doctor Offices and Professional Buildings, Nursing/Assisted Living Homes and Education Facilities.

PRESCRIPTION finish is perfect for patient care areas, emergency rooms, cafeterias, and other places that require a maximum desired appearance.

PRESCRIPTION is not your average "Over-the-Counter" floor finish. It holds up extremely well to heavy foot and shopping cart traffic. Delivers superior shine, wear, clarity, leveling and slip resistance.


  • All machine type buffable (electric; battery; propane)
  • 25% solids
  • lays out and levels beautifully
  • Low Odor  
  • Extremely Durable and Clear Finish
  • Deep Shine

Maintain with THERAPY neutral cleaner concentrate and BOOSTERSHOT restorer. PRESCRIPTION can be easily removed with BONESAW stripper.

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Prescription Floor Finish 5 Gallon

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