Located in Johnstown Pennsylvania, FloorCareMD has been a specialist in Ultra High Speed Floor Care since the early eighties. Our goal was to develop the most advanced line of floor finishes and floor care chemicals, and make them available to the professional floor care contractor. We achieved that goal by asking many of these contractors what it is they like and dislike about the products they were currently using for their accounts.  After carefully listening, we developed the FloorCareMD line of professional floor care liquids.

One of the most common complaints was that their current stripper was "pooling" or separating on the floor, causing the men to have to re-mop it out.   If you ever had that assignment on a strip job, you know first hand how hard that is on the lower back.

Low dilution rates were another common complaint.  Many were purchasing 10:1 or even 4:1 mix strippers.  These LOW dilution ratios meant more pails to carry to the job site and wasted money.  Our 30:1 mix BONESAW and our 16: SCALPEL stripper concentrates truly solve this problem.

The number one complaint for floor finishes was low gloss.  This was closely followed by hazing and streaking when applying multiple coats. This problem is especially common on humid days. Our line of Rx strength finishes greatly reduces, if not eliminates altogether, that common problem.  Using the newest polymer technology our finishes are the most advanced available.  

FloorCareMD understands that professional floor care business owners know exactly what they want and need.  This is why we do not pay for traveling sales people to peddle our products.  Lets be honest, most salespeople know very little about how to actually clean floors properly or anything about the floor care business except what the products cost and how much commission they will make selling them to you.  This is why FloorCareMD makes choosing the absolute best floor strippers and finishes very easy.  All of our products are formulated with the floor care business owner in mind...SUPER CONCENTRATED strippers, maintainers and cleaners to save you money and the finest floor finishes available.  My name is Michael Craig and I am the owner of FloorCareMD.  I have over 30 years and well over SIX MILLION sq.ft. of floor stripping and maintenance experience. I started working for my father's business then went on my own with my first cleaning company called Tile Doctor.  Years later, I took a position with a large floor care chemical manufacturing company in Boston, MA.

Noticing that the industry was strictly targeting selling products to large corporations, retail chains, schools and government facilities and that floor care service business owners were being left alone to experiment with their products trying to figure what really works and what products just seem to be designed to make the chemical companies a nice profit, I decided it was time to use the knowledge and experience I gained and develop the FloorCareMD line of "Prescription Strength" floor care chemicals.  

Our products are not your typical Over-the-Counter, big name copy cat chemicals.  They are truly prescription strength-supreme quality products that will make your business shine and more profitable. We also have tremendous buying power of name brand propane powered equipment and auto scrubbers.

FloorCareMD can even create your own private label. Let our design team create your unique brand for your company.

Thank you for looking at our web site and line of chemicals and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to take advantage of my 30 years of floor care experience.  

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