THERAPY Neutral pH Floor Cleaner  5 Gallon
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Daily Therapy to Cure Dirty Floors

THERAPY neutral floor cleaner is an all purpose soap that readily dissolves soils from your floors without damaging the finish film or the shine.

Our True Neutral pH formula is perfectly safe for daily floor maintenance. PLUS, not only will your floors become cleaner, your building will smell fresh and clean thanks to THERAPY'S pleasant orchard aroma.

THERAPY'S low foaming formula allows it to be used in your auto-scrubber or mopped on.   THERAPY also is a valuable rinse aid for stripping procedures.

  • Low Foaming
  • Autoscrubber safe
  • Very concentrated formula (1 ounce per gallon 128:1)
  • Very economical
  • Pleasant Orchard Scent
  • Safe for all finished floors


THERAPY Neutral pH Floor Cleaner 5 Gallon

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