Elixir UHS Floor Finish  5 gallon pail
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ELIXIR UHS FLOOR FINISH   5 Gallon Pail   Large contract cleaner favorite.  

Contract cleaners that service grocery store accounts demand a finish that delivers a wet look and deep shine every day. The problem is that many wet look finishes perform poorly in grocery stores. Constant recoating is frustrating to both the contract cleaner and the store's crew AND it eats into profits.

ELIXIR's superior polymer technology answers this problem by providing an incredible shine day after day. Responds beautifully to UHS maintenance programs (especially propane buffing) that are standard in today's grocery stores.

Benefits of coating your floors with ELIXIR:

  • Non streaking.  Even with multiple coats.
  • Low foam formula eliminates bubbles in finish
  • Superior leveling.  Very easy to apply.
  • Extreme durability
  • Delivers a "WOW!" initial shine that gets even better with buffing.
  • Strips off very easily

Maintain with THERAPY neutral cleaner concentrate and BOOSTERSHOT restorer. ELIXER can be easily removed with BONESAW or SCALPEL stripper.

 It is Just What the Doctor Ordered for Grocery Store Floors!

Discounts available with orders of 10 plus pails. 

  Contact us to order.

Elixir UHS Floor Finish 5 gallon pail

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