ER BONESAW  Green Floor Stripper. 4 gallon case
  • Fast removal of all Green Finishes.  Works well on standard finishes too.
  • No Phosphates
  • No Butyl
  • Non Caustic
  • Low odor
  • Non-Corrosive per DOT.  No hazmat fee for shipping!

 ER BONESAW Floor Stripper is a 5:1 ( 5 parts water to 1 part concentrate)  safe, green floor finish stripper. ER BONESAW is fast penetrating and simple to use. It has been designed to be especially effective on today's Green finishes.  Will  also remove standard floor finishes.

 What are FloorCareMD ER Products?

ER means Environmentally Responsible. Our green ER products have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with traditional products that serve the same purpose. 

5 gallon pails available too.  Bulk priced 10 for $874.60 + freight. Call to place order.  800-344-7572

NOTE:  E.R. Products, Antidote finish, Scalpel stripper, Therapy Citrus floor cleaner ship from a seperate blending facility and is made to order.  Cannot ship with other FloorCareMD products.  Because it is made to order, Please allow additional delivery time. 



ER BONESAW Green Floor Stripper. 4 gallon case

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