Bonesaw Stripper   5 gallon pail
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BONESAW STRIPPER CONCENTRATE  5 Gallon pail    For professional use ONLY !

PLEASE READ:  This product will ship FedEx as per DG (Dangerous Goods) HazMat guidelines (corrossive).  You will be billed separately for the shipping through your email address. Phone number MUST be provided.  Signature is required for DG delivery as per FedEx rules.  No exceptions. Order will not be shipped until shipping is paid.

BONESAW stripper truly is the most aggressive floor finish stripper available. As it's name says, it aggressively cuts through everything - FAST!! With BONESAW, you get your money's worth. Competitor strippers average up to 65% water. Yes, you are paying for water! BONESAW's concentrated formula mixes up to 30:1. For extra tough jobs BONESAW can be mixed up to 15:1 (NEVER MIX STRONGER THAN 15 to 1).

Other benefits/features:

  • Works Extremely well with cool water.
  • Super fast cutting action means very little dwell time.
  • pH is 13.0 ± 0.5
  • Stays wet on floor and never "pools" or "puddles".  No re-mopping!
  • Cut your Ready To Use stripper costs in half.
  • Super concentrated formula gives 4x the benefits:
    1. Less product to purchase
    2. Less product to store
    3. Less product to ship (lower shipping costs)
    4. Less product to transport to the job
    5. Less frustration
    6. More Success !


Bonesaw Stripper 5 gallon pail

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