BOOSTER SHOT  High Speed Cleaner Restorer  5 Gallon
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Give your floor shine a boost! BOOSTER SHOT will keep your finished floors looking healthy much longer by repairing small scratches and boosting it's shine.

BOOSTER SHOT works two ways...

  1. Mop onto floor at a dilution of 2 oz. per gallon of water (very economical 64:1)
  2. Use in your auto-scrubber with red pads at 2 to 4oz. per gallon (64:1 to 32:1)

The buffable film will never discolor your floors or trap dirt into the finish.  Allows your buffer to produce an incredible boost of shine unlike any other finish restorers or spray buff liquids and gels.  The results are a slip resistant, super shiny floor.

Don't Let Your Finish Get Behind On It's Shots!

BOOSTER SHOT High Speed Cleaner Restorer 5 Gallon

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