Bio-Enzymatic Spotter & Deodorizer
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12 quart case.  

Biozyme Carpet Spotter and Deodorizer
• Concentrated bacterial culture.  Non-pathogenic, and surfactants blend
• Its exceptionally high spore count insures a more rapid break-down of starches, carbohydrates, fats and oils
• Ideal for carpets and fabrics (Odor and stain removal of milk, vomit, urine, feces, blood, coffee, wine, etc.)
• Enzyme enriched spot remover, use on all fabrics and carpets
• Odor counteractants with eight strains of nonpathogenic bacterial spore

Concentrated.  One case makes 6 gallons of cleaner/spotter

Clean Fresh Scent

Bio-Enzymatic Spotter & Deodorizer

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