BONESAW Floor Stripper Concentrate  Ten 5 gallon pails
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SAVE $40.39 per pail !!  

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BONESAW STRIPPER CONCENTRATE  Ten 5 Gallon pails (50 gallons)

BONESAW stripper truly is the most aggressive floor finish stripper available. As it's name says, it aggressively cuts through everything - FAST!! With BONESAW, you get your money's worth. Competitor strippers average up to 65% water. Yes, you are paying for water! BONESAW's concentrated formula mixes up to 30:1. For extra tough jobs BONESAW can be mixed up to 15:1 (NEVER MIX STRONGER THAN 15 to 1).

Other benefits/features:

  • Works Extremely well with cool water.
  • Super fast cutting action means very little dwell time.
  • pH is 13.0 ± 0.5
  • Stays wet on floor and never "pools" or "puddles".  No re-mopping!
  • Cut your Ready To Use stripper costs in half.
  • Super concentrated formula gives 4x the benefits:
    1. Less product to purchase
    2. Less product to store
    3. Less product to ship (lower shipping costs)
    4. Less product to transport to the job



BONESAW Floor Stripper Concentrate Ten 5 gallon pails

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